The Waters We Fish

Spring and Summer we will be fishing the California Delta , San Francisco Bay, San Luis and especially the Lower Sacramento between Verona and Colusa. Early fall thru winter we will be working the Delta, San Luis Reservoir and San Francisco Bay.

Some incidental fish may be black bass, catfish, crappie and american shad in the San Luis Reservoir and the Sacramento River. Occasionally, king salmon are caught in the Sacramento River System as well as the California Delta.

Launch Sites

For the California Delta, we will be using one of two launch sites:

For San Luis Reservoir (Gilroy/Los Banos area), either one of two sites:

  • Dinosaur Launch ramp (top of the hill between Gilroy and Santa Nella Hwy 152 east)
  • Basalt Launch ramp (below San Luis Dam)

For the Sacramento River (Verona to Colusa), we will be using any of three launch sites:

  • Colusa State Park
  • Wards Landing
  • Knights Landing
  • Tisdale Launch Ramp

For San Francisco Bay

  • Marina Bay Yacht Harbor (Richmond)